Sunday, July 29, 2012

Confession and Happiness

Until I finally admitted (acknowledged) all my sins to You and stopped trying to hide them. I said to myself, "I will confess them (my transgression, iniquity, rebellion) to the Lord." And You forgave me! All my guilt is gone. Psalms 32:5 (TLB).

True happiness, relief from guilt, and answered prayer come only when we ask God to forgive our sins. God’s blessings follow confession and forgiveness. King David discovered that forgiveness brings real happiness. He expressed the joy of forgiveness when God forgave him for the sins he had committed against Bathsheba and Uriah (see 2 Samuel 11 and 12). God responds to truthful confession and repentance with total forgiveness.

God wants to forgive all our sins. Forgiveness is a part of God’s nature (see Exodus 34:5-7; Psalms 78:38; Psalms 85:2; Psalms 130:4). However, God requires heartfelt confession and repentance of sin to Him as God (1 John 1:9). God promises to willingly forgives our wrongdoings and covers our sins (see also Romans 4:4-8) and restore our fellowship with Him.

Sometimes, God will press people hard until they confess their sins to Him. In fact, a person’s physical suffering, pain, and sickness are often related to sin, un-confessed wrongs, and God’s hand of discipline (see also Psalms 38:2; Psalms 39:10; Hebrews 12:1-11). A person’s physical health is absolutely related to his or her spiritual well-being to God (Psalms 32:3-4). When a person refuses to confess his or her sins, God must deal with such a person to bring repentance (Proverbs 28:13). Oftentimes, the longer a person waits to confess and repent, the more miserable he or she will be.  However, healing and hope come by openly confessing our wrongdoings and sins to God. God loves to forgive and cleanse sin!

Psalms 32, a wisdom psalm of confession and thanksgiving to God, encourages people to pray for forgiveness before it is too late. As a wisdom psalm, Psalm 32 provides a pattern in responding to God for confession: (1) recognize your sinfulness and tendency to do wrong; (2) realize that sin is a rebellion against God; (3) admit your sins to God; (4) trust in God's willingness to forgive; and (5) accept God’s forgiveness. See also Psalm 51, another repentant Psalm.

So, confess your sins daily to God!

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