Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Light of the World

2 "But for you who fear (honor, revere) My Name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.  Malachi 4:2 (The Living Bible).

Many Old Testament passages promised the people that God would send a Savior to help them.  God told these promises to the Old Testament prophets and the prophets announced God’s promises to the people.  For hundreds of years before the Savior came, God’s people read God’s promises through the prophets and hoped God’s promised Savior would come soon. 

One Old Testament passage speaking of God’s promises is Malachi 4:2. The church lectionary assigns Malachi 4:2 along with Psalm 19:1 and John 1:14 to be read on Christmas Day. Many biblical scholars refer to Malachi 4:2 as foretelling of the coming Savior as the "Sun of Righteousness" (see also Isaiah 60:19-20).  John the Baptist foretold that the coming Savior would dawn and be the Light to the world (John 1:9; see also Luke 1:76-79; Revelation 21:23-24).

Jesus Christ fulfilled this prophesy because Jesus Christ is our Light, Savior, and Sun of Righteousness predicted by the Old Testament (John 1:1-5).  He glows with healing and comfort to those who love and seek Him as God (Psalm 84:11; see also John 8:12). Even more, Jesus Christ reveals heaven and God’s glory to the world (Psalm 19:1).

Now, the world has a Savior in Jesus and Jesus can be called upon at any we need His help.  Thank you God for sending Your Light into the world as our Savior!

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